Category: Troubleshooting

  • Kerberos SSPI/PAC errors and NetLogon errors 5719 and 5783 and Login Failure Audits – Oh my!

    We appear to be having a bunch of Kerberos errors in our SQL clusters that represent 2-30 minutes of downtime at a stretch. A recent network change seemed to help a lot, but is unfortunately not technically supposed to affect our issues at all. Still we wait and see if the errors happen again. The […]

  • MediaWiki RSS feed on Recent Changes page error

    If you get an error like: XML Parsing Error: xml declaration not at start of external entity Location:…anges&feed=rss Line Number 1, Column 2: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> -^ When clicking the rss or atom link in your toolbox from the Recent Changes page, you probably have an extra blank line, either before the <? php […]

  • Alternate Access Mapping 2007 Research Links

    We must migrated from 2003 to 2007 this past weekend (Friday, actually), and now the mapping is causing problems for our MAC users, who can’t use UNC hostnames, but have to use full hostnames. So I’m doing some background research on the issue. Links: – – – – – – […]

  • Getting Partial and Complete Full Farm backups to restore properly on 2007

    This is my research today/this week, until I get it working and properly documented, at least on our configuation traking Wiki. Links: ITPRODSK-106: Microsoft Office SharePoint Disaster Recovery (recommend IE only): Colleagues have alluded to “The GUID Problem” wherein if you don’t take a site collection’s content database offline before restoring a copy of […]

  • Creating new My Site hosts for MOSS 2007

    If you should happen to recreate your SSP or your MySite host in MOSS 2007, you may find that the wizard that helped you out the first time with properly configuring your MySites host may have flown the coop and you’re left at sea about how to proceed. I know I was. On trying to […]

  • Links

    I’m doing research today to answer multiple questions. Questions: I recreated my MOSS 2007 SSP a while back and now MySite creations aren’t working for anyone. It’s not working exactly like the discussion at Technet Forums. Still researching this one. On a related note, I need to nail down exactly how to create personalized MySite […]

  • Installing .NET 3.0 on a balky workstation

    So if you keep trying to install .NET 3.0 and keep getting an error during install (and looking at the Error Log link in the failure message refers to the Windows Communication Framework being missing), go look for a file named something like “dd_dotnetfx3install.txt” in your %temp% directory (in my case, that was at C:\Documents […]

  • Oy! – Inaccuracy in order of steps in a MS support document screws up the process

    This almost sucked. Hard. The Microsoft Technet article I linked to previously about moving the WSS Content Database in WSS 2003 is pretty good! Except for the last section, under Moving the Datases, subsection “Set the content database in Windows SharePoint Services”. Unfortunately, the article says you should, for each Virtual Server, remove/disconnect each content […]

  • Miscellaneous research points from this morning

    A decent “buyers’ guide” for Antivirus plugins for SharePoint is at Windows IT Pro. Instructions for moving from one set of content databases to another in SPS 2003 (aka v2) on Technet. Am currently trying to work on the UPDATE problem for Data View Web Parts in MOSS 2007/SharePoint Designer.

  • Getting MOSS 2007 RTM Backup to work when your SQL Database is one you don’t control

    In this post I will be somewhat generic about my machine names and account names. This is partly to keep me in form and not thinking too specifically about my special situation and partly for security reasons. I don’t believe in security through obscurity but I also don’t believe in making it extra easy for […]