Category: Troubleshooting

  • SQL Server Connection Error 18452 Caused by “User must change password at next login” setting

    Situation: In an isolated dev environment set up to enable Kerberos in SharePoint 2007 and SQL Server 2005, a single VM Server for the DC, one for the SQL Server and one for the SharePoint Web Front End, developers were unable to create custom databases in the SQL Server instance and use SQL Server local […]

  • Memory Parity Error, BSOD and Forefront Client Security

    This fix apparently worked for me and one co-worker.

  • Kerberos and SharePoint 2007 notes

    Recently we had cause to do a whole lot of research ourselves and end up calling Microsoft to get our implementation vetted and troubleshot (it was not working – all or almost all connections that should have been Kerberos connections were degrading back to NTLM. Here are the salient notes and facts about troubleshooting and achieving the ultimate goal (having Kerberos working with our systems).

  • Best Bets and an unhelpful error

    I don’t like to do exactly the same blog entry that someone else did, but the other blog entry was from 2007 and I just encountered the problem myself. Thank g-d for Google. Anyhow, if you have a web application with no site at the root managed path, adding a best bet to a site […]

  • Generic List View Web Parts missing the View Selector drop-down – mitigation strategies

    Had a user who accidentally (I assume, since he seems to think it’s because of  an operation I did well before that that was unrelated – see previous post) deleted the automatically created List View Web Part in the AllItems.aspx page. Now he wants the full toolbar and the View Selector drop-down. Well and good, […]

  • Global Navigation changed after enabling Publishing Infrastructure

    So before I enabled the Publishing Infrastructure feature, the top nav bar tabs showed the leftmost tab reading “Home”. After enabling it and later disabling it, the leftmost tab read as the site title (as set in the site settings). Great but all my functional tests are written to search for the tab reading “Home”. […]

  • Oversetting Upload Size Limits in Windows SharePoint Services 2003 – BAD

    We set our upload size limit to 40,000 megabytes on our Virtual Server settings. … This was very bad. Apparently if the setting is set too high, it’s essentially interpreted to be zero by the application. …

  • Enabling the KPI Lists feature in SharePoint 2007

    I had to blog around to find this. I had a site collection that didn’t have the KPI list available under custom lists, and I wanted to enable it. Blogs/forum posts: SharePoint from Scratch Required: SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise Enable Enterprise Features in Central Administration (Operations Tab) Enable Features on Existing Sites in Central Administration […]

  • DCOM 10016 errors

    Because my systems admin reminded me while cleaning out the logs for our new load test environment, here’s how you can fix them on your WSS box. This is something an old colleague and I found out in October of last year, found on a blog entry from Søren Nielsen from April of last year. […]

  • “Unknown Error” and OOTB SharePoint 2007 builtin Workflows

    If you are playing with Approval workflows, and you find that your workflows are erroring out even when you think it should have completed successfully, make sure you aren’t in a situation where you’re updating the approval status without having the approval functionality of your document or workflow library enabled. It’s all built-in, but it […]