Currently Senior Engineer (Collaboration Services) at The Computer Solution Company. SharePoint Engineer/Architect/Integrator. Web Part Developer. Project Management, Project Lead, Design, Analysis, Sales Engineer, etc. I wear many, many hats.

This blog is for technical blog entries about various little aspects of SharePoint or .NET that I encounter that might otherwise go undocumented. These may be special circumstances or add-ons to existing Microsoft Knowledge Base articles, or may be entirely novel technical situations I have gotten into and out of without any external advice whatsoever. Who knows?

Any time you see a link, I’ll try to provide title data for it (so hover over a link before clicking, and at least in Firefox & IE, it’ll pop up a little descriptive text about the link before you click), and where it makes sense, I’ll make the link open a new window. This is because I’m thinking of this blog as a long term research resource primarily for myself, and that’s how I like to work. Lots of windows are Good!