Category: Windows SharePoint Services 2003

  • Full Text Search and Account Permissions

    This is a more extended writeup of running Windows SharePoint Services 2003 and SQL Full Text Search on a Database box where Local Administrators (BUILTIN\Administrators) don’t have System Admin access in SQL Server 2000. (I mentioned this briefly in the Changing SharePoint Service Accounts article.) Essentially, you’ll run up against this security policy requirement in […]

  • Making Office document open in Office App instead of in an Office ActiveX Control in IE

    I just wrote up this little Frequently Asked Question at work: Assumptions: You have Microsoft Office 2003 installed. You are working with Windows XP Professional as your Operating System. This is a setting that needs to be made/verified in your Windows settings. To set the documents to open in their appropriate application: Open My Computer […]

  • KB Article: How to manually remove SharePoint Portal Server 2003

    Looks like this also nabs WSS 2003 on the same server. KB Article 830326

  • MOSS 2007 and Search

    Reading the 7 Development Projects with the 2007 Microsoft Office System and Windows SharePoint Services 2007 eBook (Microsoft Press) yesterday, I was pleased to read that we’re moving off of the sometimes wildly inaccurate results-giving Full Text Search technology that SQL Server provides for Windows SharePoint Services 2003 and using the same technology the Portal […]

  • Changing SharePoint Service Accounts, Permissions and Troubles Found and Conquered Therein

    (Note: Links to KB Articles open in new windows) So I have a client who is security conscious enough to ask that we make SharePoint work even when the servers’ Local Administrators (members of BUILTIN\Administrators) are not members of the System Administrators Server Role in SQL Server. This is the default configuration for SQL Server […]