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  • Best Bets and an unhelpful error

    I don’t like to do exactly the same blog entry that someone else did, but the other blog entry was from 2007 and I just encountered the problem myself. Thank g-d for Google. Anyhow, if you have a web application with no site at the root managed path, adding a best bet to a site […]

  • Oversetting Upload Size Limits in Windows SharePoint Services 2003 – BAD

    We set our upload size limit to 40,000 megabytes on our Virtual Server settings. … This was very bad. Apparently if the setting is set too high, it’s essentially interpreted to be zero by the application. …

  • SharePoint 2003 Reader Permissions include… Export to Spreadsheet!

    I had to find this out for a customer this morning. It’s true: Being able to read something means they’re okay with exporting to a spreadsheet. We may need to “Lock this down” but all I can think of is to use javascript to hide the control, which is not really locked down per se.

  • Various

    NOTE: Apparently I wrote this around early-August, but never posted it, so I posted it today after finding the draft in my WordPress. – Updated to WordPress 2.3.1. Apparently some security fixes as well as normal feature updates. Requires a DB upgrade, so be sure to hit that admin link to do the DB upgrade. […]

  • Alternate Access Mapping 2007 Research Links

    We must migrated from 2003 to 2007 this past weekend (Friday, actually), and now the mapping is causing problems for our MAC users, who can’t use UNC hostnames, but have to use full hostnames. So I’m doing some background research on the issue. Links: – – – – – – […]

  • SharePoint Developer Environments (Esp. 2007)

    About a year and a half ago, our petition at my current work site to create/use developer environments for SharePoint (then 2003) was punted, mostly because the requirements for dev environments are almost completely diametrically opposed to the various security and systems policies at this site. The detente when finally reached was that we could […]

  • Links

    I’m doing research today to answer multiple questions. Questions: I recreated my MOSS 2007 SSP a while back and now MySite creations aren’t working for anyone. It’s not working exactly like the discussion at Technet Forums. Still researching this one. On a related note, I need to nail down exactly how to create personalized MySite […]

  • Oy! – Inaccuracy in order of steps in a MS support document screws up the process

    This almost sucked. Hard. The Microsoft Technet article I linked to previously about moving the WSS Content Database in WSS 2003 is pretty good! Except for the last section, under Moving the Datases, subsection “Set the content database in Windows SharePoint Services”. Unfortunately, the article says you should, for each Virtual Server, remove/disconnect each content […]

  • Miscellaneous research points from this morning

    A decent “buyers’ guide” for Antivirus plugins for SharePoint is at Windows IT Pro. Instructions for moving from one set of content databases to another in SPS 2003 (aka v2) on Technet. Am currently trying to work on the UPDATE problem for Data View Web Parts in MOSS 2007/SharePoint Designer.

  • Simple read-write connection of a database table (non-SharePoint) to a DataView Web Part in MOSS 2007

    Test this out/play with it in a test area. Don’t do this in production. Duh. Required: SQL Server 2005 SharePoint v3 (I don’t honestly know, but I think just WSS 3.0 w/o MOSS 2007) SharePoint Designer 2007 A SQL account with db_datareader and db_datawriter permissions on the database in question, and the account’s password A […]