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  • MOSS 2007 server farm architecture links

    All in all, it looks like MOSS 2007 server farms consist of: Front End Web Servers – (low storage, hosting IIS, SharePoint and any custom web parts/custom site definitions/templates – this is a guess) Application Servers – (high storage, hosing IIS, SharePoint and indexes for search – again a guess) Database Server – (hosting the […]

  • Creating new My Site hosts for MOSS 2007

    If you should happen to recreate your SSP or your MySite host in MOSS 2007, you may find that the wizard that helped you out the first time with properly configuring your MySites host may have flown the coop and you’re left at sea about how to proceed. I know I was. On trying to […]

  • Links

    I’m doing research today to answer multiple questions. Questions: I recreated my MOSS 2007 SSP a while back and now MySite creations aren’t working for anyone. It’s not working exactly like the discussion at Technet Forums. Still researching this one. On a related note, I need to nail down exactly how to create personalized MySite […]

  • Miscellaneous research points from this morning

    A decent “buyers’ guide” for Antivirus plugins for SharePoint is at Windows IT Pro. Instructions for moving from one set of content databases to another in SPS 2003 (aka v2) on Technet. Am currently trying to work on the UPDATE problem for Data View Web Parts in MOSS 2007/SharePoint Designer.

  • Simple read-write connection of a database table (non-SharePoint) to a DataView Web Part in MOSS 2007

    Test this out/play with it in a test area. Don’t do this in production. Duh. Required: SQL Server 2005 SharePoint v3 (I don’t honestly know, but I think just WSS 3.0 w/o MOSS 2007) SharePoint Designer 2007 A SQL account with db_datareader and db_datawriter permissions on the database in question, and the account’s password A […]

  • Getting MOSS 2007 RTM Backup to work when your SQL Database is one you don’t control

    In this post I will be somewhat generic about my machine names and account names. This is partly to keep me in form and not thinking too specifically about my special situation and partly for security reasons. I don’t believe in security through obscurity but I also don’t believe in making it extra easy for […]

  • Updated older MOSS 2007 Beta2TR Install article

    After finally managing the install and setup correctly in my own deployment last week, I just updated the article on this blog with the newest information I needed to completely the install properly and make everything ship-shape (or close enough for jazz).

  • I have been negligent – bullet updates, but I’ll get around to the major stuff later

    Since I fully expect next month to be a slow month, I should be able to catch up a little. Anyhow: I am installing the Release bits of Microsoft Office 2007. I don’t know if I’ve already plugged CCleaner but I’m doing so again. I needed it because Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh didn’t […]

  • Search Link Salad

    Stuff for me to remember based on current research (more about searching in WSS 2003, but am finding links related to future configurations of SPS2003 or MOSS 2007 search): Some documents are not returned in the search results when you use the Advanced Search feature in SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to search for content that […]

  • MOSS 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh Install – Slipstreaming the Technical Refresh and by the way, you’ll be needing these exact .NET/WWFX installs too

    Okay, so Wednesday and Thursday were my days for installing MOSS 2007 Beta2TR on our pilot servers. I followed Steve Smith’s excellent PDF-based instructions for “slipstreaming” the Technical Refresh updates into the normal install files for MOSS 2007 Beta 2, and then prepared a DVD-ROM with those files and the .NET 3.0 CTP release, which […]