MOSS 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh Install – Slipstreaming the Technical Refresh and by the way, you’ll be needing these exact .NET/WWFX installs too

Okay, so Wednesday and Thursday were my days for installing MOSS 2007 Beta2TR on our pilot servers.

I followed Steve Smith’s excellent PDF-based instructions for “slipstreaming” the Technical Refresh updates into the normal install files for MOSS 2007 Beta 2, and then prepared a DVD-ROM with those files and the .NET 3.0 CTP release, which I’d mistakenly thought were the right .NET framework and Windows Workflow Framework installs to carry out before installing MOSS 2007 Beta 2 TR.

It turned out the .NET 3.0 CTP release was the wrong choice.

What you really need are the .NET 2.0 Redistributable Framework (x86 or x64) and the appropriate install for Microsoft® Windows® Workflow Foundation Runtime Components Beta 2.2 and Visual Studio® 2005 Extensions for Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2.2 (you choose x86 or x64 near the bottom of the web page). I found this out in the comments to this post on the A Marvellous Point blog.

With these pre-installed, the MOSS 2007 Beta 2 with slipstreamed Technical Refresh went perfectly, but I must admit I’m not done with the configuration portion of the work. Lord willing, that’s coming on Tuesday.

Update (11/27/2006)
I know that the Release bits will be out soon, but this may help folks still trying to install the Beta (which I think is still good until February 2007, if I remember correctly).

So it turns out that the 3.0 .NET framework (workflow) was the right choice, but I applied it too soon.

The best URL for the proper install procedure that I could find was on Technet, and it was hard to read and puzzle out, so here’s the read I give it. This series of steps ended up working for my MOSS 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh Install entirely:

The other gotcha I’ve already mentioned but it would be wise to keep an eye out for is that if you are running SQL Server on another box, then the same advice for SPS 2003 holds here, which is that your SharePoint Service accounts should be domain accounts, as should be the Identities you run your Web Applications, since you need to grant that account access on the SQL Server. Remember, kids, that the Network Service account has a different, unique, random PID on each server, so you can’t expect a Network Service on one server to authenticate correctly on another.

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