Maintenance and Hacking

I have been keeping this blog updated and so on, but not quickly enough – a script kiddie hacked this blog as well as my personal one. I’ve written extensively about the hack and my recovery of my blogs from it:

  • Details of Hack focuses on the actual details of the hack, including some e-mails exchanged with the hacker in question and some initial steps at remediation (both on my personal blog and this one).
  • Rebuilding covers the majority of the work I did to rebuild, recover and secure both of these blogs post-hack.
  • Recovered is just a sum-up. The fact that I added more stuff to Rebuilding, above, after posting Recovered should be of little consequence. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Only time will tell whether I have enough utz to keep updating this blog too as work provides me more information/insights/knowledge.

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