Send to -> Other Location sort of works!

(Woops, had to replace the images after pixelizing out all the identifying URL and ID information from the screenshots.)

(Woops 2, apparently I have now broken the image attachments here, so maybe I have to do it all again, sigh. Will do so later – Short version is that IE7 seems to be able to copy like this only across web applications, whereas Firefox 2.0 and IE6 seem only to be able to copy from subsite to parent site (I haven’t tried the other direction yet). Issue is now active with Microsoft support. The SharePoint support team have escalated the issue to the IE team, but I have yet to hear from the IE team.)

I have an open Microsoft Support case for this, and will update when I get more information.

In a document library in MOSS2007/WSS3.0, if you use the drop-down menu on the document, you can choose “Send To” -> “Other Location”. In the following dialogue box, you can select another location to send this document to. It seems to work in both IE7 and Firefox 2.0 if you are publishing from one site collection to another, but not if you are publishing, say, from a locked down subsite to a parent site that’s more public. In that case, the Send works fine in Firefox 2.0 but not in IE7. In IE7, you get prompted for permissions no matter who you are (or at least I do, being admin up and down the tree of sites, subsites, server farms, on the machine, using the account that runs the whole farm, etc.).

So here’s the typical functioning copy process (for a copy to other location between two site collections on the same Web Application (aka IIS’s virtual server, and specifically in this case, the same port: 80).

Start the copy process:
01PX - Dropdown to Copy to Other Location in IE7 - Cross Site Collection

Specify parameters:
02PX - Initial Copy settings screen - Cross-Site Collection Copy

Confirm copy:
03PX - Copy Progress popup with confirmation (OK) button - Cross-Site-Collection Copy

Review success message:
04PX - Copy Progress Successful/Done - Cross-Site-Collection Copy

Confirm that the copy succeeded in destination document library:
05PX - Confirmation of Copy - Cross-Site-Collection Copy

In contrast, here’s the same operation NOT working in IE7 while copying a file from a locked down subsite to the subsite’s parent (and top-level) site.

Start the operation normally:
06PX - Drop down command - Copy from Subsite

Set the parameters for the copy:
07PX - Copy Screen - Copy from Subsite

The Copy Progess confirmation popup window:
08PX - Copy Confirmation popup - Copy from Subsite

Get prompted for access (click cancel after trying lots of different possibilities):
09PX - Login Prompt - Copy from Subsite

Get returned to the Copy Progress popup with failures:
10PX - Copy Progress failures - Copy from Subsite

And here, I demonstrate that Firefox 2.0 has no problem with the same operation IE7 just failed at:

Initial authentication (Because it’s Firefox):
11PX - Firefox 2.0 - Initial Authentication - From Subsite

Start the copy via the dropdown box (normal):
12PX - Firefox 2.0 - Start the Copy - From Subsite

Normal copy parameters:
13PX - Firefox 2.0 - Copy Parameters - From Subsite

No popup window for Copy Progress – you get a nice website screen instead. Same deal, though:
14PX - Firefox 2.0 - Copy Confirmation - From Subsite

Copy Progress Screen reports finished:
15PX - Firefox 2.0 - Finish status from the Copy Progress - From Subsite

Confirm the copy worked – go to the destination Document Library:
16PX - Firefox 2.0 - Confirmation that document is where it should be - From Subsite

2 responses to “Send to -> Other Location sort of works!”

  1. I know this is an old post but I am trying to look at your screen caps. Running into a similar problem but I have IE 6 with sp2 (I think). It keeps prompting me for a login even though I have full control. So what is going on during the copy progress stage and is the destination path in the copy progress window suppose to the ../libname/sample.doc with the file name in it? How did you resolve this? Thanks.

  2. Hi there! Sorry about the screenshots. They appear to be terminal fubared. I MAY be able to fix them later, if I can reproduce the error, but I think the error I was seeing may have been SQL or service account permissions-based. Certainly the error is not common on the Internet.

    Unfortunately, the original environment where I was seeing this behavior is no longer available to me. It’s from my old workplace.

    This was a while ago, but I do remember the filename was part of the destination path in the copy progress window. The errors I saw in IE7 sound like what you are seeing in IE6. I got prompted endlessly and then failed, and it was with accounts that had full control.

    You may wish to try it without full control accounts.

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