Product Testimony – Acronis TrueImage 9.x

I don’t do Product plugs/testimonies for kickback, but only because/when products seem to truly deserve accolades.

Anyway, the version of Acronis TrueImage that I own is the Home version, but based on that, I’d definitely consider it for enterprise use too.

TrueImage is a disk imaging tool, and item-by-item recovery tool as well. You can back up an entire partition to a compressed archive and later, if you wish, mount the archive as a logical device, browse it and restore only what you wish. It features data verification, partition information restores, etc. It seems also to handle backup/restore cycles to disparate sizes (including downsizing, assuming the target device has enough room for the actual storage required by the files in the archive) gracefully and well.

Like any utility of this nature, you’re probably not going to use it day to day unless restoring disk images is 25% or more of your job description, but it’s very useful to have when you need it, and a good all-around way to keep a backup of, say, your system drive on, say, an external USB drive, in case you need it.

Since it also does both Full and Incremental operations, you can conceivably update your backups as often as once a day or more often.

This would even, with some training and relatively clueful users, be a good way to manage data/system recovery on a per-user basis, I think.

I’m very happy with it.


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