Old Security Articles

It’s on my professional site (where my resume would be if I were looking hard for another job), but I wrote a bunch of articles (Security notes, Best Practices, etc.) for Adobe, back before it was Adobe, and before even it was Macromedia, but when it was Allaire, and I was Product Security Manager/Security Response Team Coordinator there.

It was a nice job. Had some drawbacks in that QA/Security reported to Marketing on the Organizational Chart instead of, you know, IT, but it was a good job

I note, looking at these articles now, that the ones that are still credited to me (I wrote a number of security advisories that I’ll try to find too) are credited to me as a Consultant, though at the time I was a salaried employee with the title “Product Security Manager” or “Security Response Team Coordinator” instead. I am still a bit more pleased with being credited as a consultant. It is a title not undeserved.

Anyway, if you want to look at the old writing (from 2001/2002), here are the links (these open in your same window):

Here is a sampling of the Security Bulletins I wrote (None of them are credited) or significantly updated (I was there from 2001 – 2002):


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