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  • Kerberos and SharePoint 2007 notes

    Recently we had cause to do a whole lot of research ourselves and end up calling Microsoft to get our implementation vetted and troubleshot (it was not working – all or almost all connections that should have been Kerberos connections were degrading back to NTLM. Here are the salient notes and facts about troubleshooting and achieving the ultimate goal (having Kerberos working with our systems).

  • DCOM 10016 errors

    Because my systems admin reminded me while cleaning out the logs for our new load test environment, here’s how you can fix them on your WSS box. This is something an old colleague and I found out in October of last year, found on a blog entry from Søren Nielsen from April of last year. […]

  • Laptop/Notebook Hotfixes for MS Virtual PC 2004 SP1

    So as you may know, Microsoft and many SharePoint dev houses swear by doing development on Virtual PCs/Virtual Servers. The reason for this boils down to the fact that when you are debugging a SharePoint Web Part with Visual Studio 2003, you have to connect to the active w3wp.exe process that IIS is using and […]

  • Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh (B2TR) and the “The file is not available.” error.

    After I applied the Technical Refresh updates to my Office 2007 Beta 2 installs, I started getting this error whenever I tried to open a file with an Office 2007 application (either by double-clicking within the Windows Explorer file list, or by opening the file from within the application): The file Testing.docx is not available. […]

  • What is wrong with you Microsoft Only people? – Checksum utilities for verifying large files

    So today I am downloading the 2007 Office Beta 2 installs (and whoever heard of paying $1.50 for 5 download tries? I sort of understand, but if it were really just covering bandwidth fees, I should think it would be a lot lower). I note that the download listings/product key e-mails do not come with […]

  • Full Text Search and Account Permissions

    This is a more extended writeup of running Windows SharePoint Services 2003 and SQL Full Text Search on a Database box where Local Administrators (BUILTIN\Administrators) don’t have System Admin access in SQL Server 2000. (I mentioned this briefly in the Changing SharePoint Service Accounts article.) Essentially, you’ll run up against this security policy requirement in […]

  • Old Security Articles

    It’s on my professional site (where my resume would be if I were looking hard for another job), but I wrote a bunch of articles (Security notes, Best Practices, etc.) for Adobe, back before it was Adobe, and before even it was Macromedia, but when it was Allaire, and I was Product Security Manager/Security Response […]