Introductory Post

Hi folks!

I already have a Livejournal, where posts of a more personal, less technical nature, will go. My current work cycle is very focused on System Engineering/Architecture/Maintenance with SharePoint in mind, and may be devoid of .NET tips for quite some time. I also don’t wish to create posts just to post.

So when things come up that I think are new or niggly enough that they’re not in MSDN (I will have checked) or Technet (same) or on other blogs, I’ll try to post them here. I already have one post in mind, which is about permissions on SharePoint, the back end SQL Server, and the arcane task of changing the service accounts in both while a farm is still up and running.

Having run into some issues, I’m here to tell you that it’s tricky but possible to even recover from a point where Microsoft’s recommendation would be to just throw it all out and reinstall SPS/WSS completely.

Anyhow, this post is to talk about my goals (done), and plans (will do). It’s also to note that being this is a new WordPress blog, it’ll be a bit before I install the really heinously aggressive spam control measures, but I’ve already specified that comments must be held and approved, so if you post a comment, please give me time to approve it before it shows up.

See y’all in the blogosphere!


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