Mothballing this site (Spring 2015)

As an FYI, I’ve ended my Microsoft-Centric, SharePoint-Centric work/job as of Spring 2015.

I’m also moving posts about technical and other geekery to my new Geek Blog. If you’ve found my geeky advice helpful in the past, you may find it helpful in the future. Give it a read if you’re curious!

I’ll keep this blog up and available as a public service in case anything is useful or helpful for folks going forward.

Now working on engineering/implementation of SharePoint 2013 running primarily in 2010 compatibility mode

In case it becomes relevant, probably most of my posts here (if any) will be scoped to that.

This will be in a full SDLC deployment and migration of most of our 2010 team sites. Project schedule has us down for a March 2015 completion date. It seems rather… aggressive.


NOTE: Apparently I wrote this around early-August, but never posted it, so I posted it today after finding the draft in my WordPress.

– Updated to WordPress 2.3.1. Apparently some security fixes as well as normal feature updates. Requires a DB upgrade, so be sure to hit that admin link to do the DB upgrade.
– Have been tinkering with using GMail IMAP as a spamfilter and integrating with Thunderbird 2.0+. Using forwarding from old POP3 accounts, I now have a couple extra GMail accounts (for keeping some IDs separate), managed to delete about 7 Thunderbird account profiles and now have GMail spam filter working in conjunction with Thunderbird Junk Mail filtering. I wrote it up (roughly) here:
– Mostly doing SharePoint 2003 maintenance at work while we also prepare for SharePoint 2007 (finally – my last job started with 2007 in November of 2006). I’m also doing various other system engineer stuff like working with maintenance, licensing, support, etc. for some other interrelated products my team supports. Still learning, though, so I’m OK on the happiness & fulfillment side, and my commute totals about 3 hours less per day, I mostly get every other Friday off, and I have time and a partner with which to hit the gym 3-4 days a week, work permitting.

Updated older MOSS 2007 Beta2TR Install article

After finally managing the install and setup correctly in my own deployment last week, I just updated the article on this blog with the newest information I needed to completely the install properly and make everything ship-shape (or close enough for jazz).