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  • Kerberos and SharePoint 2007 notes

    Recently we had cause to do a whole lot of research ourselves and end up calling Microsoft to get our implementation vetted and troubleshot (it was not working – all or almost all connections that should have been Kerberos connections were degrading back to NTLM. Here are the salient notes and facts about troubleshooting and achieving the ultimate goal (having Kerberos working with our systems).

  • Links

    I’m doing research today to answer multiple questions. Questions: I recreated my MOSS 2007 SSP a while back and now MySite creations aren’t working for anyone. It’s not working exactly like the discussion at Technet Forums. Still researching this one. On a related note, I need to nail down exactly how to create personalized MySite […]

  • IE 7’s friendly HTTP messages are unfriendly if you want IIS To do custom error messages

    So IE7, by default, overrides Web Servers’ custom error messages with very helpful “friendly” reinterpretations of error messages. To turn these off through the UI, go to Internet Options -> Advanced, and disable “Show friendly HTTP error messages”. Thanks, Microsoft! Also found at: HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main!Friendly http errors (according to the Vista GP excel spreadsheet)

  • Using UNC Paths to access the “directory structure” in SharePoint 2003 – Requires WebClient service running on your client computer

    So for the longest time I couldn’t figure out why on some computers I could use a UNC path to get to SharePoint sites’ resources, and on others I could. Now I think I finally have the answer. The mechanism is that if you have a WSS site (and Admin privs on that site) at […]

  • IE7 Running Fine

    Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 is out as of some time this week. It’s kinda slick. I don’t know if it’s necc’ly better than Firefox (and I haven’t tried out Firefox’s 2.0 betas), but it seems to work pretty well and seems a bit more secure (esp. about expired/unverified SSL certs) with respect to explicitly […]

  • Making Office document open in Office App instead of in an Office ActiveX Control in IE

    I just wrote up this little Frequently Asked Question at work: Assumptions: You have Microsoft Office 2003 installed. You are working with Windows XP Professional as your Operating System. This is a setting that needs to be made/verified in your Windows settings. To set the documents to open in their appropriate application: Open My Computer […]