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  • Getting WebDAV to work for Windows Network Providers against SharePoint 2007

    The picture is not entirely complete here, but I made a lot of progress with this as an open (now closed) troubleshooting ticket with Microsoft. The short summary is that using a Microsoft whitepaper (linked to below), I could get Windows XP SP2 workstations to work properly opening an Explorer View to a SharePoint 2007 […]

  • Kerberos and SharePoint 2007 notes

    Recently we had cause to do a whole lot of research ourselves and end up calling Microsoft to get our implementation vetted and troubleshot (it was not working – all or almost all connections that should have been Kerberos connections were degrading back to NTLM. Here are the salient notes and facts about troubleshooting and achieving the ultimate goal (having Kerberos working with our systems).

  • MOSS 2007 – Setting up a Search Center as a subsite to a Team Site-based Site Collection

    Creating a Search Center as a subsite Search Center for a Team Site site collection didn’t seem to create or properly hook up a People Search Results page within that Search Center for the People Search Scope. Doing a People search after having ONLY created a Search Center and set the Site Collection to use […]

  • DCOM 10016 errors

    Because my systems admin reminded me while cleaning out the logs for our new load test environment, here’s how you can fix them on your WSS box. This is something an old colleague and I found out in October of last year, found on a blog entry from Søren Nielsen from April of last year. […]

  • “Unknown Error” and OOTB SharePoint 2007 builtin Workflows

    If you are playing with Approval workflows, and you find that your workflows are erroring out even when you think it should have completed successfully, make sure you aren’t in a situation where you’re updating the approval status without having the approval functionality of your document or workflow library enabled. It’s all built-in, but it […]

  • A good guide to Configuring Incoming E-mail Settings for Office SharePoint Server

    (though I didn’t get it entirely right, apparently) Link (Technet).

  • SharePoint 2003 Reader Permissions include… Export to Spreadsheet!

    I had to find this out for a customer this morning. It’s true: Being able to read something means they’re okay with exporting to a spreadsheet. We may need to “Lock this down” but all I can think of is to use javascript to hide the control, which is not really locked down per se.

  • Dev VM Farm Notes

    Had a similar problem to this one, wherein the SharePoint Timer service appeared to be screwing around with my app pool settings for my SSP web application. Not entirely sure what caused it (because I wasn’t taking notes – trying to set this one up quickly) but I found the problem while trying to set […]

  • Getting Partial and Complete Full Farm backups to restore properly on 2007

    This is my research today/this week, until I get it working and properly documented, at least on our configuation traking Wiki. Links: ITPRODSK-106: Microsoft Office SharePoint Disaster Recovery (recommend IE only): Colleagues have alluded to “The GUID Problem” wherein if you don’t take a site collection’s content database offline before restoring a copy of […]

  • MOSS 2007 server farm architecture links

    All in all, it looks like MOSS 2007 server farms consist of: Front End Web Servers – (low storage, hosting IIS, SharePoint and any custom web parts/custom site definitions/templates – this is a guess) Application Servers – (high storage, hosing IIS, SharePoint and indexes for search – again a guess) Database Server – (hosting the […]