Category: SQL Server 2000

  • Miscellaneous research points from this morning

    A decent “buyers’ guide” for Antivirus plugins for SharePoint is at Windows IT Pro. Instructions for moving from one set of content databases to another in SPS 2003 (aka v2) on Technet. Am currently trying to work on the UPDATE problem for Data View Web Parts in MOSS 2007/SharePoint Designer.

  • Very good permissions overview for SharePoint

    From modonovan’s SharePoint and Stuff, comes a gem of a blog post about SharePoint Services and App Pool Account Permissions. It’s from last year, but quite relevant (to my current troubles, anyway).

  • Search Link Salad

    Stuff for me to remember based on current research (more about searching in WSS 2003, but am finding links related to future configurations of SPS2003 or MOSS 2007 search): Some documents are not returned in the search results when you use the Advanced Search feature in SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to search for content that…

  • Database Migration breaks WSS/SQL Server Full Text Search

    So here’s a little-known issue with SharePoint and Full Text Search: On Joel Oleson’s blog (if you don’t know who this guy is and you’re in SharePoint Operations, find out quickly. Aside from Bill English [the man, his blog], he’s the other Man in SharePoint Managment/Operations – both of these guys regularly present at TechEd…

  • Full Text Search and Account Permissions

    This is a more extended writeup of running Windows SharePoint Services 2003 and SQL Full Text Search on a Database box where Local Administrators (BUILTIN\Administrators) don’t have System Admin access in SQL Server 2000. (I mentioned this briefly in the Changing SharePoint Service Accounts article.) Essentially, you’ll run up against this security policy requirement in…