Category: Windows XP Professional

  • Getting WebDAV to work for Windows Network Providers against SharePoint 2007

    The picture is not entirely complete here, but I made a lot of progress with this as an open (now closed) troubleshooting ticket with Microsoft. The short summary is that using a Microsoft whitepaper (linked to below), I could get Windows XP SP2 workstations to work properly opening an Explorer View to a SharePoint 2007…

  • Installing .NET 3.0 on a balky workstation

    So if you keep trying to install .NET 3.0 and keep getting an error during install (and looking at the Error Log link in the failure message refers to the Windows Communication Framework being missing), go look for a file named something like “dd_dotnetfx3install.txt” in your %temp% directory (in my case, that was at C:\Documents…

  • Robocopy

    Copying large files or large collections of files across a balky network or VPN connection? Robocopy is your friend.